Small tour around Scotland

Day 1 (Hospital – great beginnings) – destination Oban

Weather : Rain 0.8mm Temp 18/12 Wind 12mph

I began my trip on the 3’rd of August 2014 taking of from Glasgow central by train to Gourock then the fairry to Dunoon biked for about 5mi(8km) before being basted by the rain and before I knew it, a nice couple ask if I wanted to have a ride

56.184577, -5.486390

Distance: [33mi]

Time on the bike: approx. 4 hours

Day 2 (Hospital pt.2 and a great archaeological sight somewhere outside Lochgilphead

Weather : Rain 0.1mm Temp 16/11 Wind 19mph

Day 3 (new rain coat and free faery ride) – destination Mallaig

Random facts:
Rain 0.5mm Temp 18/10 Wind 11mph
Distance [68mi] Time on the bike [7h] Rest [3h] Highest point [469 ft]

Day 4 The up and the downs – destination Corran
Weather : Rain 3.5/0.1mm Temp 19/12 Wind 7mph

Day 5 A fast driving cars, midges and 
Weather : Rain 0.1/0.0mm Temp 15/6 Wind 11/5mph

Distance [73mi] Time on the bike [7h] Rest [3h] Highest point [902 ft]

Day 6 day of defeat
Weather : Rain 0.1/0.0mm Temp 18/8 Wind 7/6mph

Day 7 day of the 110 miles
Weather : Rain 3.0/0.0mm Temp 18/7 Wind 2/13mph

Day 8 a girl name Bertha
Weather : Rain 5.6/0.4mm Temp 14/3 Wind 8/3mph



Boardman bought from eBay for £260.99
SRAM Apex GXP chainset/cranks with Shimano 105 chainrings – inc. GXP BB £51 P&P


Mainly consist of Mösli from Lidl

The planed map:

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