From Glasgow(GB) to Hundige(DK)


Day 1-2 (Late start & roadside camping) – destination N/A

I wanted to have a good and early start on my trip, as I think anybody would. But this would not happen because my parcel for my Schwalbe MARATHON 700x25C to arrive. Eventually when they arrived at about 3 and by the time I got them on had about two hours of riding left, this time with a helmet on.

I woke up to a man being frighten by a moving bag he did not know was. He thought that I were a half dead body that was dumped, I assured him that it was not the case. So after a comical morning and a small breakfast I left off with new energy and with great confidence.

Apart from me not having enough water and food, which left which lead me dizzy and lightheaded, this day went by uneventful. But I did learn that having enough food and water is essential, who would have known.

As night fell, I found my self in a situation I did not want to be in, that was not having a place to sleep, and did not want to do so in the dark. So I decided to camp next to the motorway, which I would not advice anybody to do, the reason for me not advising this is because of the high traffic(duh) places like this are to exposed.

Weather : Rain 0.8mm Temp 18/12 Wind 12mph*
Distance D1/D2  23mi/95.9mi • Time on the bike D1/D2 approx. 3h/10h • Rest N/A

Day 3-4 ()

Rain 0.1mm Temp 16/11 Wind 19mph*
Distance D1/D2 approx 87.5mi/ • Time on the bike 20 minnutes • Rest N/A

Day 5-6 ()

Random facts:
Rain 0.5mm Temp 18/10 Wind 11mph*
Distance 68mi  • Time on the bike 7h • Rest 3h

Dey 7-8 ()

Rain 3.5/0.1mm Temp 19/12 Wind 7mph*
Distance 61mi  • Time on the bike 7h • Rest 2h

Day 9-10 ()

Weather : Rain 0.1/0.0mm Temp 15/6 Wind 11/5mph*
Distance 72.8mi Time on the bike 7h Rest 3h Highest point 902 ft

Day 11-12 () – destination Iverness

Weather : Rain 0.1/0.0mm Temp 18/8 Wind 7/6mph*
Distance 28.2mi  • Time on the bike 4h • Rest 1h • Highest point 581 ft

Boardman bought from eBay • Bern Watts EPS Helmet • 1x specialized inner tube • Blackburn minipump • puncture kit • cateye front and rear light • extra front and rear lights

Dueter speed light 30 backpack • Platypus 3L hydration pack • Topeak Hexus II 16 Function Multi Tool • 230g Propane fuel • HiGear Inferno Folding Gas Stove • 4xPOD strap, 2 for the bivy and tent strapped to the handlebar and 2 for the big bag strapped to the seat rack • Topeak Beam Rack RX • 2 dry sacks(POD 30L & Lifeventure 70L) • North face Lynx sleeping bag • Über bivy • Olympus OM 10 • 1 fuji 400 iso colour film • wet wipes cleaning of body and bike

Mountain Chugach Jacket • Keen Depart CNX Hiking Shoes • Endura gloves • Three pairs of sucks • Three pairs of underwear • The North Face Warm Long Sleeve • 1x Nike Compression Long Sleeve Compression Top 2.0 White • one pair of jeorts(jean-shorts) • Endura Thermolite Knee Warmers • Lifeventure SoftFibre Trek Towel

Mainly consist of Müsli bars x 3 per day • Digestives dark and light chocolate • Batchelors Super rice • Homemade müsli • Haribo candy • Pumpernickel bread • Frankfurter • Lever paté • eggs(boiled with wather during the evening) • Doritos Tangy Cheese

Samsung sgs4 mini with OruxMaps app(Here’s a small review of the app)

The planed map:

*Weather data taken from worldweatheronline

Gallery (waning images contains road kill!)

Summer-2014009 Summer-2014007

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