“Waterproof” jorts

Jorts are basically the words jean and shorts combined.
What I wanted to do here was to use my jorts instead of cycling shorts, I don’t feel comfortable with lycra so I wanted to stick to what I felt comfortable with.I got the recipe for water proofing from youtube and thought that I would try it out on these pair of jorts. The recipe is very basic, 450ml of beeswax, 225ml of turpentine, 225ml of linseed oil heated and stirred in a pot. This can be applied to any kind of clothing, but it will stain the piece of clothing like any other kind of waterproofing of this type. But this as a extra bonus of having the smell of linseed and turpentine, and be extra flammable. If you do not care for the smell this is one of the best kind of waterproofing for this type of clothing, and I would say much better than Nikwax or that sort.

Here is a video that explains the process.

After the trip to Denmark, and after only going through bad weather for one day, I can only say that the jorts were not waterproof though that was not because of the recipe, but more that the jorts have small hole in them so that the water went thought anyway, but they did dry very fast after sustaining multiple hours of rain.


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