Shimano A530 pedals with skateboard tape

The A530 as standard is a great beginner SPD pedals, I chose the A530 because I knew that I would not be using the SPD side to ride around in the city, and knew that I would want to use them as touring pedals as well.

I found that the pedals were very slippery on the none SPD side, and even more so when it rained, this had to change. I found this user on the forum of showing how to drill holes in the pedals, so if someone out there want to do this, heres a link. I just didn’t want to go thought the whole process of drilling holes and screw down traction pins in them like the user did, my reason for that was that I want to bike around in soft beach sandals during the summer.

ShimanoA530ModThis was what I did, I grinned down all the bumps on the pedals, with the bumps gone, the pedals actually had better grip, but I wanted ever more grip, so I went down to my local skateboard shop bought a small piece of skateboard tape for a pound, though they were generous with the tape. I measured the tape to the pedals and cut out small pieces to not waste the tape to much, stuck it on.

Clean and easy process!


2 thoughts on “Shimano A530 pedals with skateboard tape

  1. g2-f188baed59ca884ac91a46a188f19102 July 15, 2018 — 7:40 pm

    nice one. how did you grind it down? how has it held up over time/through rain etc


    1. Hi, sorry for not replying, I didn’t know people are checking out my site from time to time. Surprisingly, great!!! but I have found out that If you were to crash at 20mph(ish) it does not hold up so well 😦


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